I’ve Been Violated

by Mothership on December 1, 2011



$*#&^$! HACKERS!!

Morning: This blog was hacked.

All was lost-site completely gone. B*stards.  Cried all morning. Ate entire Gooey Butter Cake. Slight sugar buzz but feeling better.


Learned how to back up blog files …now fully understand what “closing the barn door after horse got out” means. Still not quite sure about “legally drunk“.

Started repairing blog hack, post by post, picture by picture.

This will take some time.

Hope world doesn’t end before 3 years of blog posts fully restored.  Could regret not eating bonbons and watching sappy Lifetime movies instead.



After Holiday Clean Up

by Mothership on November 29, 2008


I LOVE Cleaning

Holiday Clean Up Completed

Finished cleaning up more whipped potatoes from ceiling, walls, windows and furniture.

Thankfully floor mopped by dogs yesterday.


Thanksgiving Day

by Mothership on November 27, 2008

Distressed Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving?


Had a nice Thanksgiving holiday!

Snowed in.

Only one minor malfunction-hand mixer expired mid-meal preparation.

Discovered variable speed power drill superb for whipping potatoes.

Note: Low speed ONLY. Do not give teenage boy opportunity to whip potatoes ever again.


Hairdo Update

by Mothership on November 21, 2008

My New Hairdo

The New Me

My New Hairstyle!

Stylists all said it looked great.

Family can’t stop giggling.

Had no idea my getting a makeover would make them all so happy!


My New ‘Do

by Mothership on November 18, 2008

Electric Perm Hairdo

Day at the Salon

The holidays are coming up!

Treating myself by spending the afternoon getting hair cut and colored. Haven’t treated myself in6, 8- 10 years.

Hope I love it.


Naked Statues and the Preteen

by Mothership on November 13, 2008

Michelangelo's David

Naked Man

 Fine Art

Daughter#1 discovered photo of Michelangelo’s statue of Michelangelo’s naked David in encyclopedia and will not put it down.

So glad she’s finally appreciating the Arts.


Rain, Rain Go AWAY…For the Love of Pete

by Mothership on November 7, 2008


cough and cold medicine

Knock Out...er, I mean COUGH Syrup

Rain, Rain and more Rain.

Children inside all week. Cabin fever madness setting in.

Longing for the good old days when Children’s Cough syrup had alcohol in it.


Halloween Bites

by Mothership on October 31, 2008


Trick or Treat.

Just took little kids out for early trick or treating.

Mugged by group of burly teenagers. Bastards. Lost two bags of candy. Bastards. Suffered scraped knee and black eye in scuffle. Kids OK, but shook up. Bastards.

Can’t recall Halloween being a ‘contact’ holiday in the past.

Already planning next year’s costumes. Thinking fully padded/helmeted football players for kids.


Must look for size 12 space alien suit with live tazers for me.




The Circus Clowns Have Come to Town

by Mothership on October 24, 2008

Scary Circus Clowns

The circus is in town!

Can’t wait to take the kids.

Don’t you just LOVE clowns?


Banisters and Booze

by Mothership on October 19, 2008



Kid #3  got head her stuck in the banister today.

What a weird little kid.

Feeling blue.

Only have 6 kids but feel I’m not handling them well today.

Neighbor lady raised 10 and tells me she never had any problems. Must be that huge liquor cabinet of hers.